Developmental disabilities (DD) refer to the long-term and severe disabilities. DD are a severe, chronic disability of an individual 5 years of age or older that: is attributable to a mental or physical impairment or combination of mental and physical impairments; is manifested before the individual attains age 22; is likely to continue indefinitely; and results in substantial functional limitation in three or more of the following areas of major life activity:

(1) self-care

(2) receptive and expressive language

(3) learning

(4) mobility

(5) self-direction

(6) capacity for independent living

(7) economic self-sufficiency

(8) reflects a need for a combination and sequence of supports and service that are likely to be lifelong in duration. When this term is applied to children 5 or under, it means the high probability that the person will meet this definition after 5 years of age.

AADISAO pledges to provide essential resources in terms of research, policy advocacy, interdisciplinary training, and leadership  to support organizations, individuals, families, and professional working with people with developmental disabilities in Africa.

What is Developmental Disability?

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AADISAO’s mission is to promote inclusive disability policies and practices, support collaborations and partnerships while advancing education, interdisciplinary training, leadership, and sound research on disability issues in Africa. [ About Us ]