Mikala Mukongolwa

Mikala Mukongolwa
Board Member

Mikala Mukongolwa, MSc is a Zambian educator and disability rights advocate. Mikala runs a Home Based Education program in Zambia for children with disabilities who cannot attend a regular classroom. She was nurtured a long term relationship with the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota. Mikala is passionate about using her community based advocacy and education skills to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in her community.

Over the years, Mukongolwa has served as ICI’s primary contact on disability issues in Zambia. She leverages her home-based education program with DirectCourse, an online training program developed by ICI’s Research Center on Community Living. Now Mukongolwa uses DirectCourse in Zambia to train local providers, faith-based organizations, families, and individuals with disabilities.

Our Mission Statement

AADISAO’s mission is to promote inclusive disability policies and practices, support collaborations and partnerships while advancing education, interdisciplinary training, leadership, and sound research on disability issues in Africa. [ About Us ]