The 2022 AADISAO 1st Virtual Conference Committee is excited to have you join us and participate in this years conference. Below is the current agenda which is subject to be updates. All times are in central US timezone (CT). If you received a zoom invite, your calendar should automatically convert to your timezone. If you have questions, please email the conference committee at

Note Conference Kickoff Time:

8:00 am CT 9:00 am ET (USA)

05:00 pm EAT (UTC+3) Nairobi, Kenya.

4:00 pm SAST (UTC+2) Pretoria, South Africa.

3:00 pm WAT (WTC+1) Kinshasa, DR Congo.

3:00 pm WAT (UTC+1) Lagos, Nigeria


AADISAO 2022 1st Virtual Conference Agenda

7:00 am to 8:00am Final Zoom Tech Check & Setup



8:00am to 8:30am
(30 minutes)
Opening Ceremony MacDonald M. Metzger – AADISAO President and Director of Outreah and Engagement University of Minnesota.

Kudawashe ‘AK’ Dube (Mr.) CEO of Africa Disability Alliance (ADA)

(5 minutes) Introduction of Keynote Speaker Dr. Richard Oni – AADISAO
(30 minutes) Impact of Covid on the Education of Persons with Disabilities in Africa: Focus on girl child education and forging a way forward.    Daisy Jonathan (Nigeria)
(20 minutes) Presentation: Disability Rights Advocacy in the Democratic Republic of Congo Didier Ntonta – Country Director for Kadiwaku Family
(15 minutes) Impact of Covid-19 on Inclusive Employment for People with Disabilities in Africa Ronald Kasule (Uganda)
(5 minutes) Overview of Telehealth since Covid-19 and Advanced Technology to empower and support PWDs Muna Khalif/University of Minnesota.
(18 minutes) Overview of the Home-Based Education Program in the Republic of Zambia.  

Mikala Mukongolwa (Zambia) AADISAO Executive Committee Member.

(15 minutes) Q&A – Panel Facilitation Dr. Charity Funfe Tatah Mentan
(20 minutes) Gender and Inclusive Education Programming – Monicah Mueni Syanda (Kenya) Monicah Mueni Syanda (Kenya)
(20 minutes) Advancing Indigenous Inclusive Practices in Postcolonial Education Milieu Olusola John Ogundola (Nigeria)
(20 minutes) Television Framing of Intellectual Disability on Inclusive Education Jackline U. Lidubwi/ Kenyan Television Producer and the Project Lead for Integrating Disability Rights at Internews
(15 minutes) Inclusive Employment of PWDs in Kenya Daniel Chege (Kenya)
(10 minutes) Q&A – Panel Facilitation Dr. Charity Funfe Tatah Mentan
(20 minutes)  

Announcements, Recognition, and Awards



Dr. Sefakor Komabu-Pomeyie

(30 minutes) Parent Panel on Autism and Related Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (Includes Q&A). Macdonald Metzger
(5 minutes) Introduction of 2nd Keynote Speaker Mikala Mukongolwa (Zambia)
(20 minutes) Disability Inclusion in South Africa – Republic of Zambia Dr. Thomas Mtonga (University of Zambia)
(15 minutes)
Closing and Acknowledgements Dr. Richard Oni & Dr. Sefakor Komabu-Pomeyie



Our Mission Statement

AADISAO’s mission is to promote inclusive disability policies and practices, support collaborations and partnerships while advancing education, interdisciplinary training, leadership, and sound research on disability issues in Africa. [ About Us ]