Ugandan Inclusive Disability Employment Advocate, Kabaale Allan Get Job as Lawyer for the Mbarara District Council, Kampala, Uganda.

Kabaale Allan – Executive Director of Disability Employment Rights Initiative (DERI), Kampala Uganda.

US State Department Professional Fellows Programs -Inclusive Disability Employment -Fellow Kabaale Allan recently announced on his facebook page that he has been hired as the principal lawyer for the Mbarara District Council in Kampala, Uganda. Kabaale posted “On this labor day and through this COVID19 experience, colleagues with disabilities let’s wake up and put to use other abilities and skills God has blessed us with to be self reliant and more impactful to others and the communities”

He added that “when you have something to offer (skill or talent or merchandise)m people forget that you have a disability as they see you just like any other person. They focus on what they need from you. But when you’re dependent, your disability is more visible than your humanity, you loose respect and your esteem is always low”.

Kabaale shared two moving photos. One shared above and another at his parents home in Kikoma village Wobulenzi. This was years back when he visited  his family. The photo shared above was at Mbarara district council when he was hired as a lawyer. Kabaaded added in his post that “They hired a lawyer not a person with disability. Friends with disabilities and others from poor background like me, wake up and position your self strategically through utilizing your abilities to the fullest. It’s only through that, you will attract people to you and be respected”. He said.

Kabaale Allan is the Executive Director of the Disability Employment Rights Initiative (DERI) in Kampala, Uganda. He is one of his country’s most active inclusive employment self-advocates, having directly lobbied Uganda’s Parliament for changes to employment policy and led community-based trainings for persons with disabilities seeking to find jobs and engage their leaders.

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